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The beginning….

So, as a new-years resolution, I have decided to start a blog about the beer I drink. Given my current location, most of these beers will probably be from southern England, and so will be English ales.

The blog style is something that will hopefully develop organically as I start writing reviews, so I’m not going to dictate at this point how it is going to work. The only thing I will post is the beer grading system, which is based on that used by the Adelaide Uni Stein Club.

10. The holy grail of beer. Only one or two beers worldwide, if that many, would fall into this category.
9. An extraordinary beer. You would travel to get this beer. Price is unlikely to be an issue.
8. An extremely good beer. You would go out of your way to look for this beer.
7. A very good beer. You would select this beer over other alternatives, and its presence would influence your opinion of the pub serving it.
6. A good beer. You would choose this over alternatives, but probably not remember where you found it.
5. An ok beer. You would be happy to accept this  if it was offered to you, or if there were no alternatives.
4. A mediocre beer. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this beer would fall into that category.
3. A poor beer. You would be unwilling to drink this without very good reason.
2. A bad beer. You would not drink this.
1. Horse piss. You have tasted equine urine, and have found it preferable to the beer in question.
0. Not beer.


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