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IPA, 5.5%

Comments: A robust and full flavoured IPA, with plenty of hop and enough body to balance it out. Deep golden colour, very slightly cloudy, with a fine white head and very good retention. Initial flavour is gentle and quite sweet, but the aroma hop kicks in quickly and takes over. Not particularly strong in malt or citrus flavours, but sweet enough to balance nicely. A fine beer, which I’d be happy to return to.

Overall score: 7.5/10


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Site: http://www.hooknortonbrewery.co.uk/beers_home.html

Pale ale, 5.0%

Comments: This is a very pleasant, easy drinking beer. The use of Goldings hops gives a definite but clear aroma, and well balanced bittering. A touch of wheat malt adds to a fruity flavour overall, clearly edging towards a German hefeweizen,  with just enough sweetness to carry it through. This beer would be outstanding on a warm day, I look forward to returning to it in summer.

Overall score: 7/10

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Site: http://www.hooknortonbrewery.co.uk/beers_home.html
Served at the Eagle and Child, Oxford

Golden Bitter, 3.8%

Comments: A well balanced bitter, with definite hop and malt flavours. Mainly a back-of-the-mouth flavour, with little aroma and only moderate sweetness. A good beer, but nothing to recommend it further.

Overall score: 5.5/10

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Old Ale, 4.6%

Comments: This is a dark tan, full bodied, malty ale. Fine white head and good retention. Initially overpowering crystal malt astringency, which quickly subsides and is overtaken by the solid use of bittering hop. Aroma hop is present, and well balanced with the malt aromas. A very round aftertaste, with sweetness well balanced with the bitterness of the hop. The beer is advertised as ‘fruity’, but I didn’t get any distinct flavours from it, just a generic sweetness. This is less peculiar than many ‘old ales’, but is still a very drinkable beer.

Overall score: 7/10

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Site: http://www.hooknortonbrewery.co.uk/

Bitter, 3.6%

Comments: A good classic bitter. Solid hopping in both aroma and bittering stages, but with enough malt to give a balanced flavour. Golden colour, little head and low retention. This is marketed as a classic ‘session beer’, but its probably too heavy for my taste if having more than a pint or two.

Overall score: 6.5/10

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