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Weissbier, 5%

A fairly standard Bavarian weissbier. Cloudy with a fine white head. Plenty of aromas, with the classic banana and clove flavours that you’d expect from the style. Sadly this beer just doesn’t have anything punchy in the flavour. It’s fruity enough, but there’s no sourness to keep it fresh, and the whole effect just falls flat. The aftertaste is somewhat sweet, but doesn’t sparkle.

Overall score: 5.5/10


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Rauchbier (Smokebeer) – Märzen, 5.1%

Comments: This is something which I’m not particularly familiar with – a German smoked beer. The idea is a simple one: when you make the malt, you expose the grain to wood smoke directly, infusing it with a smoky flavour which is retained in the beer (much like peat smoke and whiskey). This beer is a dark tan colour, but easy to drink, with a moderate underlying sweetness. This balances well with the smoky flavour, which is definite without becoming overpowering. Aroma is mainly smoky, as is the aftertaste, and it’s hard to detect much hop against the smokiness. I actually quite like this – I wouldn’t want to have it every day, but coupled with strongly flavoured food, this is a very good beer.

Overall score: 7.5/10

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Site: http://www.weihenstephaner.de/index2.html?lang=eng

Hefeweizen, 5.4%

Comments: A classic german hefeweizen, apparently from the oldest operating brewery in the world.  Typical for the style, this is a sweet cloudy beer, with plenty of banana and clove flavours coming from the wheat. Not much use of hop, but this is to be expected in this style. Overall this is a good representative of this type of beer, and I’d be mroe than happy to return to it on a warm day.

Overall score: 7.0/10

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Site: http://www.ur-krostitzer.de/#/marke/pilsener

Pilsner, 4.9%

Comments: Another German pilsner. Straw coloured with a coarse head. Little hop in the aroma, but definite bittering hop, without it becoming overpowering. The hop also develops nicely, giving a clearly bitter aftertaste. Quite a subtle level of sweetness, but also very little sourness in the flavour. A very restrained beer with no clear faults, but not particularly sparkling.

Overall score: 6.0/10

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Site: http://www.radeberger.de/main_en.html

Pilsner, 4.8%

Comments: Apparently this is the oldest of the German pilsners (as opposed to Czech ones), and is typical of the German pilsner style. A straw colour with white head and good retention. A definite hoppy start and finish, clear use of bittering hop and moderate aroma. Still no clear Saaz hop aroma, but this is typical of German pilsners. The flavour is initially quite light and sweet, with just enough mouth feel to satisfy. A clean hoppy finish, with the sweetness of the flavour disappearing into memory. A clean, crisp, and overall very good beer.

Overall score: 7.0/10


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Site: http://www.koestritzer.de/en/marken/koestritzer-schwarzbier.html

Schwarzbier, 4.8%

Comments: This is one of the big German Schwarzbier’s, and it the beer that the brewery is known for. A dark brown colour, low head an little retention. This beer has some roasted barley and dark malt flavours, but the burnt character is very controlled, and is mainly present in the aftertaste, which is dry and lingering. Little hop noticeable, and the main flavour is light and rounded, with a good mouthfeel. Just enough sweetness to balance out the beer. A very good representative of the style.

Overall score: 7.0/10

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Site: http://www.krongut-bornstedt.de/level9_cms/index.php?mid=000900180001&LC=DE

Helles, 5.2%

Comments: A golden coloured cloudy beer, with a coarse head and moderate retention. Little hop – a  very slight touch of aroma only. Some slightly aromatic fermentation flavours, but well controlled. this would be quite at home as an english summer ale, with perhaps a little more mouth feel than most. If only there was a touch more hop, this would be an admirable conclusion to a warm German day.

Overall score: 6.5/10


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