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Bitter, 5%

I usually like weird and hoppy beers, however this one just fell over somewhere. Apparently they’ve used no bittering hop, but just overwhelmed the beer with Citra and ‘experimental’ hops late in the boil. This gives the beer the pleasing aroma of dishwashing liquid, coupled with some slightly odd fermentation aromas, followed up with matching sharp and bitter flavour. There’s a little sweetness behind the hop, but the beer is completely unbalanced, and leaves a bitter and acrid aftertaste. To quote the bottle, they’ve made this to be ‘interesting, tasty and exiting’. Exiting seems appropriate. I didn’t finish my glass.

Overall score: 2.5/10


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Site: http://churchfarmbrewery.co.uk/harrys-heifer.php

Bitter, 4.2%

A fairly standard bitter, with negligible head, a malty flavour, and a round finish. The website claims that beer has a hoppy aroma. Perhaps it’s just the bottle I’ve got, but that’s certainly not the case for me. Overall the flavour is somewhat sweet, with definite malty characteristics. A very slight off aroma is detectable, but not enough to regard as a significant flaw. The hop level is very subdued, and is dominated by the malt character in the aftertaste. It’s possible that I’ve just had a bad bottle, but as it is, this is not a beer I’ll remember in the future.

Overall score: 4.5/10

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Site: http://www.jenningsbrewery.co.uk/beers/beer.aspx?cat=sea&bid=22

Golden bitter, 3.9%

Comments: A golden bitter, clearly aiming at a lager drinking market. Dominated by aroma hops, but with a few odd fermentation aromas. Overall, I found this to be not a particularly crisp beer, with wet lettuce coming to mind. Aftertaste is again dominated by the aroma hop. Not a memorable beer.

Overall score 5.0/10

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Site: http://www.fullers.co.uk/rte.asp?id=51

Bitter, 4.8%

Comments: A strong bitter, with full malt flavours and definite hopping. Initially quite fruity, with the sweetness of the malt coming through, before giving way partly to the bittering hop. The main flavour is coming from crystal malts, giving a moderately light but full mouth feel. A pleasant beer.

Overall score: 6.5/10

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Site: http://www.stpetersbrewery.co.uk

Mild porter, 3.7%

Comments: A dark mild, with low hopping but plenty of chocolate malt to give a solid flavour, with dark coffee beans coming to mind. Limited aroma, but the initial flavour is full of the acrid bitterness you get from chocolate malt, without becoming overpowering. Just enough sweetness to hang on and stop the beer from being too dry in flavour, and lending to a surprisingly rounded, if light, mouth feel. Aftertaste is what you’d expect, with the malt lingering on and a dry finish, but is quite agreeable. If you’re looking for a mild with solid porter flavour, this is certainly a worthy option.

Overall score: 7.0/10

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Site: http://www.wadworth.co.uk/ourbeers.html

Bitter, 5.0%

Comments: A rather odd blend of Wadworth’s 6X and Pusser’s Rum, giving a slightly sweet beer with a caramelised aftertaste. The underlying metallic flavour of the 6X, however, still comes through and dominates the flavour. Some crystal malt flavours are also there, but not much in the way of aroma hop. In general this is an interesting idea, but I’d probably try using a different base beer for the blend.

Overall score: 6.0/10

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Site: http://www.wadworth.co.uk/ourbeers.html

Bitter, 5.5%

Comments: This is a generally pleasant beer, with a firm malt base and some noticeable aroma hopping. Golden tan in colour with a fine white head and good retention. The initial flavour is dominated by the malt, with the sweetness slightly masking the initial hop aroma. This continuous throughout, with a full mouth feel, slightly dominated by the malt. Quite a sweet aftertaste, with the hop acting to partly balance it out, but not as clean as it could be.

Overall score: 6.5/10

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