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Site: http://www.williamsbrosbrew.com/beerboard/bottles/fraoch-heather-ale

Heather Ale, 5%

A heather flavoured ale, made without hop. Pale yellow colour and slightly cloudy with a fine white head. As you might expect for an ancient beer style, in particular without any hop, it’s not particularly bitter, instead having a floral spiciness which lingers on into the aftertaste. Sweetness is quite well controlled, giving a light and easy to drink beer. At the same time, I don’t quite find the heather enough to give the beer much depth in the flavour – it seems quite watery, and doesn’t hold my attention. Pleasant enough, but I won’t be particularly looking out for it again.

Overall score: 6.0/10


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Site: http://www.brasserie-lancelot.com/biere-cervoise-lancelot.php

Cervoise, 6%

Comments: This beer is mad, but in a good way. Instead of the current standard Barley-Hop-Water-Yeast blend, this beer attempts to emulate a classic gaulish beer, and so is flavoured with 7 plant extracts and honey. This gives a very different aroma and flavour to the beer. An opaque amber colour with coarse off-white head and reasonable retention. The beer is still brewed from a malted barley base (and so still classifies as beer), but the aroma is unexpected. Initially the aroma is quite sour, and the early flavour follows this through. Next comes a slightly bitter note, where the various herbal flavours are present, but I struggle to identify them. (Si les brasseurs lise ca, ils sont quoi ces plantes?) Finally, the honey comes in to round off the flavour, with quite a sweet but aromatic aftertaste. To conclude, there is probably a good reason that the current preference for hops and barley developed – this beer rejects that reason, but in so doing, gives something very different to what I’m used to, and something that I will certainly look for again.

Overall score: 8/10

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