Gooseberry & Wheat ale, 5%

Site: http://www.williamsbrosbrew.com/beerboard/bottles/grozet

A mildly fruited wheat beer, low carbonation and a pale golden colour. The fruit flavours in this are quite subdued, only really coming in the early aroma, before being dominated by the sourness of the beer and the bittering hop. Otherwise the early flavour is not particularly crisp, but is fairly easy to drink. Not an extraordinary beer, but I’d be willing to have it again.

Overall score: 6.0/10


Site: http://innisandgunn.com/our-beers/favourites/original/

Oak aged beer, 6.6%

This is a sweet and aromatic beer, with a toffee colour, restrained hopping, and little head retention. The first thing that hits you is a sweet beer, but with the specifically malt characteristics masked by the aromas coming from the oak. There’s a definite vanilla and rich honey flavour, and the hopping is only just at the level to cut through the sweetness, leaving a well balanced beer. The aftertaste continues in the same way, with some slightly tart characteristics coming in, but still a fairly sweet finish. I’d be very happy to have this again.

Overall score: 7.0/10

Site: http://twofingersbrewing.co

Golden Ale, 4.8%

It appears that this has been made on commission by Hepworth & Co, and being sold to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.

This is a pleasant golden ale, with quite a bit of malt and hop characteristics, without being overly bitter or sweet. Initial flavours are well balanced, with some citrus flavours coming through, but the malt is easy to detect. The aftertaste is quite aromatic, with the sweetness of the malt being controlled nicely by the hop. Overall a pleasant beer.

Overall score: 6.5/10

Site: http://www.deesidebrewery.co.uk/

Lager, 4.1%

A sweet and malty lager, with a full mouth feel and limited bitterness. Little head and retention. For a lager, this is quite a big tasting beer. Hop flavours are detectable, and the beer is somewhat bitter, but there’s not a lot of floral aroma. Instead, you get a sweet and malty beer, with honey-like flavours dominating. The aftertaste is where the bitterness comes out, and while not particularly crisp, it ends on a dry enough note to keep you wanting more. Some peculiar fermentation aromas are detectable, but the main flavour is strong enough to cover them up. Judging this as a lager, it just all seems a bit too heavy, without the sharpness that you expect from a good Pilsner. On the other hand, I could happily drink a pint of this during a lazy afternoon.

Overall score: 6.0/10

Site: http://www.brouwerijdemolen.nl/

Pale Ale, 4.8%

A floral and hoppy pale ale, with well restrained bitterness, fine head and moderate retention. The key thing in this beer is the hop, the aroma of which dominates the flavour. There’s not too much bitterness though, and the effect is light, with hints of elderflower and lemon coming through. Sweetness is sufficient to handle the aroma, and the effect is a well balanced summer ale, which I could happily drink during a warm afternoon.

Overall score: 7.0/10

Site: http://standrewsbrewingcompany.com/beers/

IPA, 5.0%

A moderately hoppy British IPA, with fine white head and good retention. Initial flavours are somewhat sweet, with enough malt to give a well rounded mouth feel, but without a particularly malty flavour. Aromas are hop driven, as is the aftertaste, which is reasonably crisp and bitter. This lies fairly firmly in the category of British responses to American IPA, in that it’s not low alcohol and has plenty of hop, but is still a well balanced beer. I’ll be looking out for this one again.

Overall score: 7.0/10

Site: http://www.fyneales.com/shop/beers/sanda-black-ipa

Black IPA, 5.5%

Another black IPA, bringing together a porter with an American IPA. Off-white head and reasonable retention, this is a semisweet beer, with bitter characteristics coming from both the dark malts and the hop. Initial flavours are sweet, but this rapidly gives way to a sour bitterness from the malt, which stays with you well into the aftertaste. Hop flavours are dominated by this, but are detectable in the aftertaste. Overall, this beer feels a little unbalanced. If you’re looking for a hoppy dark porter, then it’d be worth a go, but I don’t think I’ll be chasing it myself.

Overall score: 6.0/10